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The brick is one of the oldest building materials, 100% natural and is the ideal solution for building both for humans and the environment.

Hollow Core

Hollowcore Slab is a concrete slab solution from which is extremely quick to install and eliminates costly on-site concrete pours.

Building Products

Phoenix Building Products is a manufacturer and exporter of construction materials like, bricks, hollow care slabs, etc

Cement Products

Phoenix Building products is a manufacturer of different kind of cement products as per the requirement of clients

Project Gallery Has a look at few of brick and hollow core project designs

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                                  Advantages of Bricks and Hollow Core Slabs


An incredibly hard wearing building material, clay brick is able to
take the knocks of every day life as well as the weather extremes
sometimes experienced. They won’t fade, twist or warp, rot or decay, erode
or dent and termites can’t eat them. For hundreds of years, no material
shows so few signs of ageing.

  • Strong and Durable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Thermal Performance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Design Flexibility
  • Phoenix bricks are wire cur and uniform in size
  • Porotherm, thermo insulated bricks which reducs which reduces 30%-40% of power cost

Hollow Core Slabs

A hollow core slab refers to a precast slab that is prepared using prestressed concrete. It is generally used in the construction of floors for high-rise apartments or multi-storey buildings. Precast concrete constructions are very common in low-seismic regions as they are cost-effective, quick to assemble and build; have lower self weight, use less raw material, etc. These prestressed slabs are widely used in many countries including Europe, USA and Canada; where housing structures are built using precast concrete.

  • They are light weight and thermo insulated
  • It reduces the dead weight 25-30% on the column and beams
  • Easy to transport, handle and fixing
  • economic and time saving
  • Eco Friendly
  • Shuttering, centring and Reinforcements not required
  • Stronger than regular slabs as we use TORKARI Steel Cables inside the slabs
  • Fire and chemical resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick to assemble and build
  • Cost-effective

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