Hollow core slabs

Solution for fast and cost effective construction.

Hollow core slabs

Suitable for use in all types of building these pre-stressed units feature a series of voids that run the length of each section thus reducing weight and improving thermal performance.

They are manufactured using an automatic, long-line casting technique that places high strength, low water/cement ratio concrete under high vibration and compaction forces around high tensile pre-stressed wires.

A series of voids run the length of each unit reducing the unit weight and therefore enabling greater spans for the construction depth to be achieved. hollow-core concrete slabs offer several advantages over in-situ floor casting, including speed of erection, lower building costs and consistent quality levels – attributes not often found in one convenient package. "The slabs can be used in the construction of virtually any type of building in which suspended floors or roofs are required. These include flats, hospitals, office blocks, hostels, factories, hotels, townhouses, schools, shopping malls, multi-storey car parks and culverts,”


Strength and durability

Fire and chemical resistance

Quick to assemble and build

Low maintenance, cost effective

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