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An incredibly hard wearing building material, clay brick is able to take the knocks of every day life as well as the weather extremes sometimes experienced. They won’t fade, twist or warp, rot or decay, erode or dent and termites can’t eat them. For hundreds of years, no material

shows so few signs of ageing.With access to 1000s of different bricks at highly competitive prices for delivery across the India, please have a look at our standard ranges.

If you can't find one you need or like, please send us details of your requirements. We will then endeavour to get you the best match possible at the best price.

  • Phoenix Bricks can produced in all seasons, especially during rainy season
  • Phoenix Brocks are uniformly burnt (Sintrition) and each brick has same strength
  • Phoenix bricks productions is large in quantity and high in quality


  • Strong and Durable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Thermal Performance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Design Flexibility
  • Phoenix bricks are wire cur and uniform in size
  • Porotherm, thermo insulated bricks which reducs which reduces 30-4-% of power cost

Comparison between Phoenix and others.

Phoenix Bricks

  • Highly equipped & fully automated plant for the first time in india
  • Uniformity in size and quality
  • Reduces power consumption up to 30-40% because of thermos insulation capacity
  • Any kind of structures can be built because of the strength in the bricks
  • It saves tremendous amount of sand and cement mortar in filling the bricks and plastering
  • Reduces number of bricks because of its height
  • Reduces breakages up to 2-5% while loading and unloading
  • Phoenix bricks can be exposed natural walls
  • 3-5 times stronger than normal bricks and less water absorption

Others Bricks

  • Old and convention methodology

  • Variation in sizes and quality
  • Normal insulation

  • Only column structure must be built

  • Excessive use of cement and sand

  • Requires large number of bricks

  • Breakages up to 10-15% while loading and unloading
  • Plastering is necessary
  • Normal strength and higher water absorption

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  • Types of Bricks

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